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Lost Arrow Archery Club, Massillon, Ohio
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About Us

The Lost Arrow Archery Club is a non-profit organization that was established in 1981 by a group of bow hunters and archery enthusiasts. They founded the club so that they could gather with other people that shared the same sporting interest.

That first year, the club was located on the north west side of Massillon and for 29 years they have enjoyed a location on Gage St., at the intersection of Rt. 30 & Rt. 241. In 2012, it moved to the new location of 3370 17th Street S.W. Massillon.

Through the years, the club has participated in several different community service projects. They currently participate in the State of Ohio's Adopt-A-Highway program, the club initiated the "Hunters Feeding the Hungry" program in this area and more recently hosted benefit shoots to assist "The Catch-A-Dream Foundation". This foundation grants hunting or fishing trips-of-a-lifetime to terminally ill children.

In the early years, the targets that they used were homemade cardboard cutouts in animal shapes. Now, the club owns more than forty, 3-D, life size, animal targets... many of those targets are brand new! The target inventory consists of deer, bear, wolf, coyote, elk and mountain goat, just to name a few. Targets sure have come a long way in 30 years and so has the equipment people use to shoot archery. In the old days, members used "traditional" bows they purchased or made themselves or shot the early types of compound bows. Now, many people are shooting high tech compound bows with pin point sights for accuracy and some choose a cross bow. Regardless of what kind of bow people use, Lost Arrow has always been there to offer a safe place to shoot and practice the sport.

Lost Arrow Archery Club currently has 86 members. Most of these memberships are "family memberships". Many of the members have watched their children grow up at "the club" and want to see the club continue into the future. It has become a family tradition to spend time together enjoying the sport of archery and teaching our children the many lessons that this sport offers.

To become a member, fill out our membership form (found here) and either mail it in or bring it to a shoot.

Lost Arrow Archery Club can also be found on Facebook. Click here to see our Facebook page.